Congregation History

Congregation History

A Brief History and Description of the Mt. Baker church of Christ, Bellingham, Washington.

The Mount Baker congregation began in July 1994 with the first few worship services being conducted at the home of the Gary Bass family. On the 27th of July 1994, the first men’s meeting of the congregation was held with the following twenty men present: Morris Bass, Terry Haith, David Frahm, Clarence Gardner, Charles Fair, Ed Bass, Ed DeWispelaere, Sam Holden, Tim Beckley, Shane Bass, Rick Holt, Ocran Melton, Walter Humphrey, Gary Bass, Aaron Bass, Jess Bass, W.H. McGrew, Matt Holden, Dan Torres, and Loren Parker. 

During our existence as a congregation, the members have shown their dedication to the truth, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, by conducting numerous Gospel meetings. In our these meetings we have provided our friends and neighbors with the opportunity to hear God’s truth proclaimed by highly motivated and capable Gospel preachers.The lessons we have heard taught during these special times have also been of great benefit to the members at Mt. Baker, edifying and strengthening us both in love for one another and in sound doctrine.

We have been privileged to have the following evangelists conduct Gospel meetings at Northside/Mt. Baker:  Steve Monts, Jerry Fite, Stan Cox, Keith Greer, Marc Smith, Steven J. Wallace, Larry Ray Hafley, Dale Hendricks, James DeVoll, Randy King, Harry Osborne, David Beckley, Andy Alexander, Gary Johnsen, Bobby Holmes, Steve Wallace, Donnie Rader, Ron Halbrook, Tom Roberts, David Baker, Dennis Ross, Dennis Scroggins, David Bonner, Brett Hogland, Heath Rodgers, Mark Mayberry and Micky Galloway. 

The men of our congregation have shown their zeal for Christ and His church in a wide variety of ways, including their preaching assistance to the White Rock church of Christ in British Columbia, Canada. At least ten men from Mount Baker have helped the church at White Rock in this regard. 

Our spiritual growth as a congregation can also be seen in the dedication of the women at Mt. Baker.  This dedication can especially be shown in their conducting well-organized and sound Bible-based classes for the children on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  There is perhaps nothing aside from parental example, which is more important in influencing a person to follow the teachings of Jesus than the young having Bible classes as a foundation to start their lives (Proverbs 22.6). The congregation has been and continues to be blessed with the example of godly women who are consistent in their attendance and who conduct themselves in the manner of the faithful women of the Bible.

Today the Mt. Baker church of Christ consists of  58 baptized believers and 12 children for a total of 70 souls who are associated with this congregation. We have a good mix of Christians--both young and old. In the 28 years of existence as a family of God, we have had the pleasure of witnessing 58 individuals put on Christ in baptism, and we have sorrowed at the deaths of six of our brethren: Clara DeWispelaere, Ocran Melton, Beulah Walker, W.H. McGrew, Roberta McGrew, and Shirley Torres

The following are some of the highlights in Mt. Baker’s history over the past 28 years:

  • August 1994 - The congregation begins meeting at the Northwest Bellingham Grange Hall, located on Northwest Avenue
  • September 18, 1994 - After being suggested by the Dan Head family, it is decided by the congregation to call the congregation the Northside church of Christ
  • June 1995 - The congregation purchases a five-acre parcel of land on the Mt. Baker Highway as a possible future site for a church building
  • February 18, 1996 - Northside asks Brother Joe Price of Layton, Utah to come work with us on a full-time basis.  Brother Price accepts, and begins preaching and teaching for us in the summer of 1996
  • August 1997 - A bank loan is secured and preparations begin for the construction of a meetinghouse
  • November 28, 1999 - The church building is completed and the first services are held. With its new location at 1860 Mt. Baker Highway the congregation changes its name from the Northside church of Christ to the Mt. Baker church of Christ. 
  • March 28, 2004 - An important milestone in the history of our congregation is reached when Morris Bass, Rick Holt and Joe Price are appointed bishops for the congregation
  • May 28, 2004 - Aaron Bass, Richard Brooks, Mike Finn, Dan Head, and John Hague are appointed to serve as deacons for the congregation
  • June 19, 2005 - During a gospel meeting, in which David Bonner of Dumas, Texas preached, attendance reached the 100 mark for the first time in the congregations’ history
  • January 22, 2012 - Brother Joe Price stepped down as an elder followed a few years later by brother Rick Holt
  • July 2014 - Shane Bass becomes a deacon for the congregation and Rich Brooks becomes an elder 
  • Prior to the Covid outbreak in 2020 Morris Bass and Rich Brooks stepped down as elders
  • August, 2022 - Brother Joe Price announces that he is leaving the work here to preach for a congregation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mount Baker was blessed for over 25 years to have Brother Joe as its preacher. His love of the truth and Christian charity to all he came in contact with have been a great encouragement to every member of the congregation. Joe and his wife Debbie will be greatly missed and we wish him and his family all the best.
  • September 26, 2022 - Brother Joe Price last day as the evangelist for the congregation
  • October 2022 - June 2023 - Men of the congregation rotate in preaching and teaching the Gospel on Sundays and Wednesdays
  • July 2023 - Brother Steven J. Wallace began working with the Mt. Baker church of Christ as an evangelist. Brother Wallace has been preaching since 1993 throughout many locations: Sunnyside, WA; Cincinnati, OH; Lubbock, TX; and North Ridgeville, OH. Joining him are his wife, Kelly, his two sons, Nick and Ethan, and his daughter, Danielle. Steven's love for God and His word are evident. He demonstrates his passion for truth and the love of all souls thru teaching scripture and how it ties to our everyday interactions. We are grateful to be working with him and his family.

 As the Mt. Baker church of Christ continues into the 21st century we no doubt will face many trials and tribulations.  Small in number, different from the world we live in, tempted by an ungodly society and often by our own desires and weaknesses, we must surmount great obstacles. But just like our first century Christian brothers and sisters, we are all capable of great things because we--like them--follow the example of the Apostle Paul who said, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.”  With the support of the family we have at Mt. Baker, the members look forward to working together in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and gaining an eternal home in heaven with him when he calls us to our reward.

Loren Parker